8 Best Ways to Use Makeup Brush Cleaner

8 Best Ways to Use Makeup Brush Cleaner

The effects of using dirty makeup brushes can be disastrous. Makeup brushes are a haven for product smudges, dust, grease, and bacteria. Using an uncleaned or unwashed makeup brush can lead to multiple skin infections. It could endanger your health and appearance, resulting in rashes and clogged pores. A condition like a fungal infection is an additional issue with the makeup brush cleaner.

Consider brush maintenance a crucial component of your beauty regimen. Your brushes are regularly dipped into a variety of liquid, cream, and powder products, which results in a build-up of products that makes bristles hard to move freely and smoothly for each makeup look.

There are different ways to clean your makeup brush cleaner that can help in keeping it clean and bacteria-free:

1. Using shampoo for soft bristles

If you have a baby shampoo or regular shampoo, you can use it for cleaning the brush for further makeup process. Your makeup brushes' delicate bristles need careful cleaning because they are highly breakable. At least once every week, you can use the concealer or the highlighter to clean the makeup brush.

2. For synthetic brushes, use dishwashing soap

You can clean synthetic makeup brushes with dishwashing soap or other chemicals without suffering any damage because they are more durable and stronger. You can wash your brushes in the cleaner by mixing the soap with warm water.

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3. Using silicone makeup brush cleaner

The London Prime Makeup Pink silicone makeup brush cleaner mats are constructed of non-toxic, odorless silicon that is good for your skin and won't harm your brushes. The silicone makeup brush cleaner gives your brushes a deep-cleaning treatment to remove all impurities, including makeup, dirt, and oil. It thoroughly cleans them to improve performance and extend the life of your brushes.

4. Holding cleaner under the running water

Another fantastic way to clean the makeup brush is to keep it under running water; it will allow the brush to get away from impurities. Hold the brushes in the water while they are upside down. Allow the water to run until the lather disappears. Make sure the water stays inside the brushes.

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5. Purple silicone makeup brush cleaner

This Purple silicone makeup brush cleaner is yet another option to clean up your makeup brush. The sponge body gives a delightful experience to cleaning the brush completely. Clean the brush cleaner thoroughly and regularly, ensuring you get the best skin brushing experience.

6. Using liquid soap for sponges

Another best way is to prepare a cleaning solution in a basin having liquid soap and warm water to clean your makeup sponges after highlighting or contouring. Put the makeup sponges wholly submerged in the basin, then wait a while. After removing the soap solution with a few squeezes, hold the sponges under running water. Dry the sponges in a clean cloth once all the extra soap has been removed.

7. Washing the brush weekly

makeup brush cleaners must be cleaned every week, ensuring the dirt and stains of makeup don't remain for long. If you are applying makeup regularly, it is best to clean the brush weekly to get the best result.

8. Treating your brushes like the hair

Just like cleaning your hair, it is best to clean your brushes regularly, so they stay away from dirt and are healthy for your skin. Silicone makeup brush cleaners and other options are available for cleaning purposes.


If you see that the bristles of your makeup brush start falling off, you need to replace the same with the new one. It will help in maintaining good hygiene.

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