10 Best Makeup Brushes In India

10 Best Makeup Brushes In India

If you are new to the makeup world or haven't been exposed to beauty products, then you need to be aware of the makeup brush. Makeup beginners and amateurs often overlook the value of high-quality brushes, but this shouldn't be the case. Most of them don't even know what tools and brushes to buy. This article will help them with many things, like figuring out what instruments to buy and why they are important. There are different types of makeup brushes in India that you can select and buy.

Top 10 makeup brushes in India

1. Tapered Blending Brush

MRP: 335

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The pro tapered blending brush from London Prime Cosmetics is made to blend a colored base shadow into the eyelid's crease for a delicate finish. It blends and diffuses any eye makeup precisely in the crease and is ideal for use with powder or cream formulas. 

2. HD Buffing Brush

MRP: 713

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London Prime Cosmetics offers the perfect HD Ultra Buffing Brush makeup for applying face powder and mineral makeup, among other cosmetics. The HD Buffer brush is a beautiful finishing brush for the face. Its soft synthetic hair, domed bristles, and thick, shiny black handle blur products on the skin to make a perfect finish.

London Prime Cosmetics takes an entirely new approach to makeup brushes by selling only the best products that make you look better and your skin looks great.

3. Fan Makeup Brush

MRP: 358

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The flat fan design of the London Prime Cosmetics fan makeup brush makes it easy to apply makeup evenly and softly, giving you a defined look. Two essential uses for this exotic-looking, lightweight brush are: creating a stunning highlight and fixing blunders in powder makeup. They contain bristles that resemble feathers, are incredibly light, and have the ideal form for gently patting powder or any highlighter over your cheekbones and nose's tip.

4. Stippling Foundation Brush

MRP: 726

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The Stippling foundation brush has a thick bottom and gets thinner, producing a fine texture. The best feature of this brush is how well it spreads and doesn't get stuck in the bristles when used with cream or liquid-based products.

5. Kabuki Makeup Brush

MRP: 731

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The Kabuki Makeup Brush has a flat tip and voluminous, ultra-soft bristles to apply powder, bronzer, or blend with other products. It produces accurate results with an airbrush finish.

6. Flat Eyeshadow Brush

MRP: 358

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A flat eyeshadow brush is ideal for getting perfect eyebrow shaping and outlining. The flat formation bristles apply hue in a stroke to give an instant definition. This HD flat eyeshadow brush works with cream, fine liquid, and powder cosmetics.

7. Pencil Eyeshadow Brush

MRP: 404

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Suppose you love getting smokey eyes by combining eyeliner and eye makeup. The London Prime Cosmetics Pencil eyeshadow brush is ideal for smudging the eyeliner to get a dramatic effect or to darken the lid. It has a tapered, velvety tip and a gleaming silver ferrule.

8. Concealer Brush

MRP: 340

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The brush is an essential piece of makeup equipment because it smooths out the product on the skin and hides flaws. The concealer brush is perfect for getting an airbrushed look. Moreover, it works best for spot correction.

9. Lip Liner Brush

MRP: 312

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The Lip Liner Brush from London Prime Cosmetics, having firm, tapered, soft Taklon bristles, is ideal for precisely applying lip color to the lip line. If you are among those who want to perfect your lipstick and always have a precise finish, try this brush.

10. Powder Brush

MRP: 736

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You can now apply the powder with the help of this high-quality powder brush, which has superfine bristles for an effortless and flawless appearance. This brush covers a greater surface area while offering decent coverage because it is large, fluffy, and slightly thick. It is best for setting up the foundation.


We have covered the ten best makeup brushes you can choose and buy that fit your needs. Invest in the right one for your skin when you look for a product.

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