7 Best Eyeshadow Brushes for Small & Hooded Eyes

7 Best Eyeshadow Brushes for Small & Hooded Eyes

For a smooth and accurate application of eye shadow, a high-quality brush is required. High-quality brushes feature soft, flexible bristles that enable smooth and uniform application, in contrast to low-quality brushes that can be rigid and scratchy. Additionally, because they retain product better, you may ramp up the intensity without worrying about fallout or smearing. Additionally, superior brushes are more resilient and last longer than less expensive options, which can ultimately save you money. Precision is key when applying eye makeup, and a good brush makes it simple to mix colours evenly and create complicated patterns.

If you want to buy eyeshadow brushes, you can find a wide variety of high-quality eyeshadow brushes at London Prime. Discussed below are some of the eyeshadow brushes in our collection.

1. Pointed Eyeshadow Brush

MRP: 480.00

When applying eyeshadow to the inner corners, lower lash line and crease, the pointed eyeshadow brush offers the precise application and more control. The brush's tapered design makes it simple to smooth out angular edges and produce a gradient effect. A pointed eyeshadow brush can also apply more pigment than other brush types due to how closely the bristles are packed together. When dealing with glitter or shimmer shadows, where maximum intensity is sought, this is extremely helpful.

2. Eyeshadow Brush

MRP: 335.00

 A well-applied and polished eye makeup appearance can be achieved by using an eyeshadow brush. Brushes provide for a more exact and controlled application of eyeshadow than fingertips or sponge applicators. A high-quality brush enables the application of shadow to the eyelid without streaks or patchiness. The brushes make it simple to mix, making it simpler to make seamless transitions between various eyeshadow hues or textures.

3. HD Eyeshadow Applicator

MRP: 375.00

It is crucial to use an eyeshadow applicator if you want to create beautiful eye makeup. It enables the user to effortlessly manage the amount of product used and the strength of the colour, allowing for the accurate application of eyeshadow. This is crucial when applying dark tints that are prone to fall-out or creating delicate and precise eye looks. An eyeshadow applicator guarantees flawless blending and equal coverage and avoids patchiness.

4. Flat Eyeshadow Brush

MRP: 390.00

The flat nature of the flat eyeshadow brush makes it simple to blend and smooth the product while also allowing for effective sweeping and packing of colour onto the lid. This kind of brush is perfect for drawing precise lines or graphic forms on the eyes, like a winged liner or cut creases. Utilising a flat eyeshadow brush to push the substance into the lid as opposed to dusting it on will help reduce spillage.

 5. HD Precised Eyeshadow Brush

MRP: 365.00

 Applying eyeshadow with pinpoint accuracy and control is possible with a precise eyeshadow brush, enabling you to consistently achieve a faultless appearance. The accuracy also makes it possible to blend out colours smoothly, preventing any sharp edges or asymmetry in colour. A precise eyeshadow brush also guarantees the uniform application of the colour pigment, lowering the possibility of fading or smudging during the course of the day.

6. Tapered Blending Brush

MRP: 365.00

Anyone attempting to create a perfect eye appearance needs a tapered blending brush. Its distinctive form enables accurate product application, especially in the crease and outer corners of the eye, resulting in a smooth blending of colours. Additionally, the careful blending made possible by the tapered bristles eliminates any sharp edges or unblended lines. To create a smokey eye appearance or when dealing with deeper hues, this brush is very helpful. The bristles' density makes it simple to pick up the ideal quantity of substance and apply it evenly to the eyelid.

7. Pencil Brush

MRP: 396.00

A pencil brush's thin, tapered tip makes it possible to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, and other cream or powder products to the eyes with accuracy. To define the outside corners of the eye region or to create delicate drawings, pencil brushes are particularly helpful. Instead of disrupting the remainder of the makeup, a pointy-tip pencil eyeshadow brush may easily reach confined areas like the inner corners of the eyes or the lower lash lines.


Now that you are aware of our range of eyeshadow brushes order the ones of your choice now!


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