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HD Professional Brush Set 26 Pcs

HD Professional Brush Set 26 Pcs

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  • Description
  • When you love your profession as a makeup artist then you must love your brushes to the core, as they are your ultimate tool to create those magical looks. Invest in premium-grade makeup brushes and witness the change it makes to your work by enhancing it toward perfection.

    These high-grade professional tools are crafted with perfection by using the best technology, experience and materials. 

  • HD Brush Set includes
  • S.No Brush Name Brush Number
    1 HD Powder Brush LP 305
    2 HD Foundation brush LP 306
    3 HD Brow and Eye Angular Brush LP 313
    4 HD Fan Brush LP 309
    5 HD Contour brush LP 308
    6 HD Flat Contour Brush LP 307
    7 HD Eye Blending Brush LP 310
    8 HD Buffing Brush LP 303
    9 HD Eyeshadow brush LP 311
    10 HD Eyeliner Brush LP 312
    11 HD Brow and Eye Angular Brush LP 313
    12 HD Eye Contour Brush LP 314
    13 HD LIP Liner Brush LP 315
    14 HD Concealer Brush LP 316
    15 HD Eye Shadow Buffing Brush LP 317
    16 HD Small Eye Shadow Brush LP 318
    17 HD Tapered Blending Brush LP 319
    18 HD Kabuki Brush LP 301
    19 HD Bronzer LP 326
    20 HD Flat Eyeshadow LP 328
    21 HD Pointed Eyeshadow Brush LP 327
    22 HD Small Foundation LP 329
    23 HD Blush Brush LP 304
    24 HD Pencil Brush LP 330
    25 HD pointed Blush Brush LP 333
    26 HD Stippling Brush LP 331
    27 HD Large Fan Brush LP 332
    28 HD Kabuki Brush LP 301
    Cylinder shaped brush holder in PU leather


  • Why London Prime brush?
  • These brushes not only take up just the required amount of product but also have premium 100% synthetic Taklon bristles with an anti-bacterial coating. These brushes are meant to create stunning looks with ultra-fine precision. Known makeup artists from all over India help design our brushes to ensure the most precision coverage and an undefeatable quality.



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