Best Makeup Brush Sets In India

Best Makeup Brush Sets In India

Every person who enjoys wearing makeup needs makeup brushes. Some brushes you should have in your collection will help you apply makeup simpler. The appropriate makeup brushes can provide results in a professional look, such as poreless skin or expertly blended eyeshadow. However, with so many brushes available, it can be difficult to determine which ones you need and how to utilize them. If you are confused about what brand and type of makeup brush you should buy in India, we bring you the list of top ones.

Top Best Makeup Brush Sets In India:

HD Premium Brush Set 12 Pcs

MRP: 4800

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The 12-piece makeup brush set from London Prime Cosmetics is at the top of the list. With this high-quality brush set, you can contour like a master, obtain the ideal eye makeup, and blend the foundation flawlessly. These brush sets are designed with the best technology, expertise, and material. It also carries antibacterial-coated bristles. These brushes are intended to produce magnificent designs with fine detail.

HD Professional Brush Set 30 Pcs

MRP: 11500

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Utilize the versatile and stylish 30-piece makeup brush set with premium quality to establish a new makeup arena. This brush set is an apt item for a cosmetic master or expert because it contains everything you need to create that wonderful, glam look from beginning to end. The brush set comes with multiple items, including HD Lip Liner Brush, HD Tapered Blending Brush, HD Small Eye Shadow Brush, and others.

HD Professional Brush Set 20 Pcs

MRP: 7400

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This 20-piece makeup brush set, a silky, flexible HD Brush Set will give your collection of cosmetic tools a fashionable finishing touch. With the correct equipment in the tool, try out some daring styles. Bring this ultimate kit home right away to witness the magic in action. The set comes with HD Small Foundation Brush, HD Eye Liner Brush, HD Eye Blending Brush, HD Tapered Blending Brush, and others.

HD Professional Brush Set 24 Pcs

MRP: 9200

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This 24-piece makeup brush set is perfect for professional use. These brushes are built with 100% synthetic Taklon bristles and offer outstanding accuracy. The 24-piece cosmetic brush set includes brushes with soft fiber tips that are velvety for softness all over the face. The fibers are produced using cutting-edge synthetic materials that merge and take on colors to produce a flawless appearance. This London Prime brush is perfect for both home and studio use. The brush set comes with everything you need in this varied package, from blush brushes to eye brushes to contouring brushes.

HD Eye Essential Brush Set 10 Pcs

MRP: 3500

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The 10-piece makeup brush set features high-end, smooth layered items you could need for beautifully blending those hues to create an outstanding combination. Make a statement with these stunning eyes and well-defined cosmetics. Utilize London Prime's cosmetic brush set online with confidence by purchasing one of the top 10 makeup brush sets. These brushes give the desired airbrushed effect and a soft, exquisite feeling. This 10-piece cosmetic brush set is extremely accurate, beautiful to use, and comfortable to hold.

HD Premium Brush 5 Pcs

MRP: 2800

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With this indispensable 5-piece makeup brush set, you will get to begin the adventure of creating exquisite, beautiful looks. You should buy high-quality makeup brushes even if you're starting so you can always achieve the utmost precision and have a good grip on the equipment. The five-piece cosmetic brush set, which includes excellent eye and face brushes and is made entirely of synthetic Taklon, will give your makeup collection a modern touch.

HD Professional Brush Set 21 Pcs

MRP: 8500

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This 21-piece makeup brush set is perfect for giving swirl, spread, mix, and contour effects. Get ready to nail every look you design using the utmost precision provided by these high-end brushes. This 21-piece HD brush set includes all essential brushes for a stunning appearance.

HD Premium Brush Set 7 Pcs

MRP: 3200

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A 7-piece makeup brush set for anyone who enjoys wearing makeup and values quality above all else. This brush set has everything you need to create the ideal base, eye, or spectacular finish for your makeup.

HD Professional Brush Set 26 Pcs

MRP: 9999

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Since makeup brushes are your primary instrument that gives enchanted looks, if you love your job as a makeup artist, you must also love them to the core. Invest in a high-quality 26-piece makeup brush set to see how your work will change as it is improved and brought closer to perfection.

HD Professional Brush Set 18 Pcs

MRP: 8400

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If you want a glamorous look, immediately place this 18-piece makeup brush set on your vanity. This package includes all the significant brushes required for a flawless appearance and ensures the ideal amount of pressure and movement.

London Prime HD Brush 15 Pcs

MRP: 4950

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The 15-piece makeup brush set has every brush you could need for flawless eye makeup. With every brush at your disposal, create whatever eye look you choose.


Choose any of the mentioned top makeup brushes from London Prime Cosmetics to get the best out of the set and give yourself a new look.

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