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Combo 10

Combo 10

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  • Description
  • Product Name Color Qty
    1 Makeup Powder Puff x 3 Cream 1
    2 Makeup Removel Pad Pink 1
    3 HD Precision Smudger LP325 Black 1
    4 HD pencil Brush LP330 Black 1
    5 London Prime Green Glitter Green 1
    6 London Prime White Gold Glitter White Gold 1
    7 London Prime Rose pink Glitter Rose pink 1


  • Makeup Powder Puff x 3
  • London Prime Powder Puff is designed to deliver smooth application of powder on your skin to give a flawless finish without wasting any of your precious products. This high grade Makeup Tool picks up the appropriate amount of powder to set your makeup.It has a Soft and breathable material which is very gentle on the skin and is suitable for all skin types.This is an essential tool for giving your makeup aprofessional finish.

  • Makeup Removel Pad
  • London Prime Makeup Removal Pad removes all your makeup with just one swipe. Just dip your pad in warm water and see the magic! It is specially designed to take the dirt and makeup off your face and clear the skin without causing any irritation. It is suitable for all skin types because it is made up of best quality cloth. You can use it as face puff or body puff.

  • HD Precision Smudger LP325
  • London Prime HD Precision Smudger brush is a classic brush used to blend and smudge any eyeshadow. It has a medium, rounded that allows for precise application. It reaches smallest areas of the eyes for a perfect eye look. 

  • HD pencil Brush LP330
  • London Prime Cosmetics Pencil Brush is perfect for shading on lid, eye crease or along lash line or for smudging outliner along the lashline for a dramatic look. It is prefect for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a Smokey eye look. It Is soft, tapered tip with shining silver ferrule.

  • Glitter
  • Green
    Dark Green with Teal , Light green & Gold reflections Loose Powder, Iridecent crystals, Multi colour

    White Gold
    White Gold with Pink, Light green & Blue reflections Loose Powder, Iridecent crystals,Multi colour

    Rose pink
    Wine Rose with Gold Reflection Loose Powder, Iridecent crystals,Multi colour

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