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Combo 7

Combo 7

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  • Description
  • Product Name Color Qty
    1 HD Powder Brush LP305 Black 1
    2 HD Foundation brush LP306 Black 1
    3 HD Eye Contour Brush LP314 Black 1
    4 London Prime Purple Glitter Purple 1
    5 London Prime Copper Peach Glitter Copper Peach 1
    6 London Prime Pink Glitter Pink 1



  • HD Powder Brush LP305
  • This luxurious brush is a high grade powder brush made up of superfine bristles for the effortless and smooth finish; it allows powder to be applied evenly for an unblemished professional look. You can use this brush to set your foundation. This brush is large and fluffy but still slightly dense so it covers a larger surface area while providing good coverage. This brush has its unique characteristic which is its uniform and untroublesome powder application and it blends well. It’s long, fluffy, and soft bristles made to distribute loose powder evenly across your face without dispensing too much product and making your makeup look heavy.

  • HD Foundation brush LP306
  • This brush is the most extensive part of your makeup arsenal, having a semi round shape they make it convenient for application to get an amazing look. It applies product evenly, doesn’t soak up all the foundation and it blends well. You can use it on your face and just keep going until your makeup blends well enough to get a professional look. It works great with both super matte foundations and with more hydrating or mousse like foundations. This foundation brush is a classic brush to apply liquid or cream foundation for perfect coverage and a seamless blend.

  • HD Eye Contour Brush LP314
  • London Prime Cosmetic's HD Eye Contour brush is ideal for reaching to the inner corner of an eye to the outer corner below the end of an eyebrow. It includes the area underneath your eye as well as up to the brow bone

  • Glitter
  • Purple
    Light Purple with Light green reflections Loose Powder, holographic Crystals

    Copper Peach
    Peach with Light Copper & Gold reflections Loose Powder, Bold crystals, Multi size

    Light Pink with Gold ,Peach & Light Green reflections Loose Powder, holographic Crystals


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