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Combo 8

Combo 8

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  • Description
  • Product Name Color Qty
    1 HD Flat Buffing Brush LP302 Black 1
    2 HD Brow and Eye Angular Brush LP313 Black 1
    3 HD Bronzer Brush LP326 Black 1
    4 Precision Beauty Blender Cameo Pink 1
    5 London Prime White Gold Glitter White Gold 1
    6 London Prime Sunny Orange Glitter Sunny Orange 1
    7 London Prime Bright Gold Glitter Bright Gold 1


  • HD Flat Buffing Brush LP302
  • London Prime HD Flat Buffing brush will give you lightweight, buildable coverage for the 'no makeup' look you crave.This all-purpose brush is expertly designed with a flat top head and densely-packed bristles to pick up any formula. It blurs any edges and diffuses the product flawlessly.

  • HD Brow and Eye Angular Brush LP313
  • A real-multifunctional London Prime Cosmetic’s HD Brow and Angular Liner Brush are perfect for grooming brows and lining the eyes. With its contoured shape this Brush fills in eyebrows with powder or applies liquid in hard to reach places.

  • HD Bronzer Brush LP326 
  • Bronzer Brush is the top quality cheek brush made with the softest pure natural-synthetic hair. This brush applies soft, diffused colour to give the complexion warm and natural look.

  • Precision Beauty Blender 
  • London Prime Cosmetics Precision Beauty sponge is a uniquely designed makeup tool that is extremely soft to touch compared to other ordinary sponges. It is used best with liquids, such as any liquid primers, foundation, moisturisers, concealers, BB creams. It is perfect for applying eye and under-eye concealer.

  • Glitter
  • White Gold
    White Gold with Pink, Light green & Blue reflections Loose Powder, Iridecent crystals,Multi colour

    Sunny Orange
    Peach with Light Green & Pink reflections Loose Powder, holographic Crystals,

    Bright Gold
    Light ivory Gold Loose Powder, shimmer Crystals, finely milled


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