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Combo 9

Combo 9

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  • Description
  • Product Name Color Qty
    1 Makeup Removel Pad Pro Baby Pink 1
    2 Silicon Brush Cleaner Pink 1
    3 HD Blush Brush LP304 Black 1
    4 Microfiber velvet sponge Marble Pink 1
    5 London Prime White Gold Glitter White Gold 1
    6 London Prime Sunny Orange Glitter Sunny Orange 1
    7 London Prime Bright Gold Glitter Bright Gold 1


  • Makeup Removel Pad Pro
  • London Prime Makeup Removal Pad removes all your makeup with just one swipe. Just dip your pad in warm water and see the magic! It is specially designed to take the dirt and makeup off your face and clear the skin without causing any irritation. It is suitable for all skin types because it is made up of best quality cloth. You can use it as face puff or body puff.

  • Silicon Brush Cleaner
  • London Prime Makeup brush cleaning mats are well made from silicon, on-toxic and odourless material, which care your tender skin and do not damage your brushes. It removes all the impurities, including dirt, makeup and oil and cleans your brushes thoroughly to increase the performance and the shelf-life of your brushes by giving a deep-cleansing treatment.

  • HD Blush Brush LP304
  • These are softer, fluffy and angled brushes for applying blush, bronzer or highlighters. These London Prime Cosmetics brushes are having more densely packed bristles for an effective use for blushing to get a splendid look. It possesses soft and a perfect shape to create the most natural looking blush. It features a dome shape with long, super-soft bristles that allows you to apply more concentrated product than any other brush, while still allowing you to blend and build colours . It is being designed in such a way that its bristles make it easier to apply products perfectly to your cheekbones.

  • Microfiber velvet sponge
  • London Prime Cosmetics Microfiber Velvet blender with the the unique design gives the most precise application with any cream or liquid products. Its extremely velvety soft fiber. gives the Airbrush look. The outer layer is covered with microscopic fibers .It absorbs very little quantity of makeup.

  • Glitter
  • White Gold
    White Gold with Pink, Light green & Blue reflections Loose Powder, Iridecent crystals,Multi colour

    Sunny Orange
    Peach with Light Green & Pink reflections Loose Powder, holographic Crystals,

    Bright Gold
    Light ivory Gold Loose Powder, shimmer Crystals, finely milled


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