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Combo 3

Combo 3

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  • Product Name Color Qty
    1 London Prime 05 Pcs Brush Set Black 1
    2 Makeup Brush Cleaner Pink Pink 1
    3 London Prime Mini Blenders X4 multi 1


  • London Prime 05 Pcs Brush Set
  • Get started on a beautiful journey of creating gorgeous makeup looks with this must-have 5 Pcs HD Brush Set. Even from a beginner level, you should invest in premium quality makeup brushes, to always get that ultimate precision and a great hold of the tools.

    These high-grade professional tools are crafted with perfection by using the best technology, experience and materials

    S.No Brush Name Brush Number
    1 HD Eye Liner Brush LP 312
    2 HD Tapered Blending Brush LP 319
    3 HD Brow & Angular Brush LP 313
    4 HD Contour Brush LP 308
    5 HD Buffing Brush LP 303
    6 Cylinder shaped brush holder in PU leather
  • Makeup Brush Cleaner Pink
  • London Prime Makeup brush cleaning mats are well made from silicon, on-toxic and odourless material, which care your tender skin and do not damage your brushes. It removes all the impurities, including dirt, makeup and oil and cleans your brushes thoroughly to increase the performance and the shelf-life of your brushes by giving a deep-cleansing treatment.

  • London Prime Mini Blenders X4
  • The Mini Soft sponge set is thumb sized and becomes about 50% larger when wet. It is perfect for under-eye areas, corners of nose, brow bones, lips and any other small face areas. It can apply makeup like primer, foundation, powder, cream, concealer, setting powder, eye shadow, lip color, blush, highlight and contour etc.


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